Indie-Cool Winter Shoot


It seems the jetty extends almost endlessly into the distance attended by former golden ears. Summer´s long gone and now fall says gently “Goodbye”. It is the winter who takes charge now in this love movie of wild colors.

It´s a movie about bold red and its liaison with dark green, about the affair of light pink with soft beige and about rough black and it´s mistress glorified white.

Colors of the winter like you wouldn´t expect them in tradition and usualness. Colors you need to break rules and disappoint expectations for. Colors you´ll find en masse aside from mainstream if you are willing to explore new ways.

Photographer Ana of Ana Fernweh Photography set herself a goal to embolden bridal couples to try something new, something modern. Encouraging them to leave traditions behind and to implement their own personalities into their wedding by going their own way.

With her pictures of this adorable Indie inspired styled shoot Ana Fernweh Photography proofs impressively that even winter days have the potential for dreamy weddings and how elegant modern details at this time of the year can be…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


indie-cool-winter-shoot_0001 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0002 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0003 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0004 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0004a indie-cool-winter-shoot_0005 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0007 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0008 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0008a indie-cool-winter-shoot_0008b indie-cool-winter-shoot_0009 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0009a indie-cool-winter-shoot_0010 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0011 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0012 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0013 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0014 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0015 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0016 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0017 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0018 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0018a indie-cool-winter-shoot_0019 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0021 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0022 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0023 indie-cool-winter-shoot_0024a indie-cool-winter-shoot_0024b indie-cool-winter-shoot_0025



FOTOGRAFIN: Ana Fernweh Photography
BLUMENKRANZ + -STRAUSS: Blattgold Stuttgart
RINGE + SCHMUCK: Elke Mitscha + H & M
MODELS: Cisar Libra und Magdalena Schorradt