Nicol and Zanè – Wedding Dream On Mykonos


An azure ocean extends to the island Mykonos. Two people made for each other are hugging, watching the orange sundown and looking into their mutual future. Zané and Nicol come from South Africa and started their wedding with a family trip to Greek – what a personal matter!

Twelve guests were honored to dine with them at the wedding table. White roses emerged from glasses and rosemary bushes hung from the ceiling. Their decorated white wooden table with white plates and beautiful cutlery waited for the dinner to be served.

But first they stopped at the little chapel: a small building from outside that seemed to house only a hand full of people. On top of this chapel there was the catholic symbol enthroned: a cross. A heavy, old bell announced that wonderful things were about to happen.

The couple that met at school attached importance to a simple yet stylish decoration. The bride appeared plain but dignified in her long, white dress studded with pearls and embroider. Underneath her long veil a romantic rosemary twig seamed her head.

The most important thing for Zané and Nicol was to celebrate their love within tasteful intimacy with their families. And they did very well. The groom didn´t want to let his greek goddess go as lights, little shops and restaurants on Mykonos attended them into the setting sun.

Overly happy we sink into the beautiful world of pictures shot by Jenni Elizabeth, who takes us to a place somewhere between reality and seventh heaven.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Jenni Elizabeth Photograpyhy
DRESS: Alana van Heerden
FLORALS: Pionies specially brought from Amsterdam by Marné, the groom’s sister & tulips were flown all the way from South Africa by the bride herself