Intimate countryside wedding at italian’S coast 


Not a single cloud dims the pale blue sky and also the sun means well with Emma and Brendan´s countryside wedding at Italian’s coast.

Ancona seems died out at first sight, on the second you can see excited activities behind the walls of the Manor Torre Clementina.

Last hands are set on the bride, while her groom spends the last few minutes all alone.

An intimate first look lets hearts beat even faster before intensity decreases.

For the wedding ceremony they prepared the garden overlooking the sea, dined at a long table under the open sky and celebrated until deep into the night. Always surrounded by close family and friends.

Today, photographer Katie Grant has an enchanting mixture of American charm and Italian flair for you. Not only captured on expressive images, but also in a touching video.

The chosen venue impressed their guests as much as the successful photographer.

„Choosing the more remote region of Ancona was a perfect fit as they were looking for the perfect mixture of dramatic coasts and rolling hills that are so iconic for Italy.“

If we look at the atmospheric pictures of Katie Grant, we have to admit without envy that Emma and Brendan did everything perfectly right and we would have loved being part of this unique day. What about you?

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Katie Grant Photography
VIDEO: Katie Grant Photography
VENUE: Torre Clementina
GOWN: Karen Willis Holmes
EARRING: Samantha Wills
MUSIC: Tobi Music