Intimate elopement at the beach of Sicily


Just like nature ever wedding is multifaceted. Generous, heartfelt and with zest some share it with their beloved. Intimate, private and unobserved others enjoy certain moments as a pair.

A salty sea breeze urges the waves towards land. Resoundingly they break at the cliffs before they disappear in-between. This is where they end, yet the wind moves on. Always looking for new opponents.

He finds it in the bride´s long hair and the delicate tulle skirt of her dress. Relentlessly he asks the skirt to dance, plays lovingly with strands of hair. Her groom holds her tight, together they stand up to the breeze.

“Our elopement is all about the love between two people who experience this moment in precious togetherness. Creating this moment individually according to their own taste, on a very special place. So why not at the coast of Sicily?” the photographers of Kathi & Chris Vanlight Photography thought and showcased the perfect spot for the soft side of love on the rough rocky beach.

More than a gorgeous couple wasn´t necessary. A groom dressed in elegant blue and a bride in a beguilingly unconventional dress by I am Yours. And their cameras, of course, to capture this amazing example of an intimate elopement for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Kathi & Chris Vanlight Photography
ANZUG: The Bloke
SCHMUCK: Tragkultur
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Rouge Rosé
MODELS: Mirja & Valentin