Allison and Joshua´s Intimate Tuscany Wedding


Rose clouds move across the grassy hills, as if they wanted to reveal a first, enchanting detail of Allison and Joshua´s intimate Tuscany wedding.

It almost seems like designer Hayley Paige used these clouds to make Allison’s wedding dress, when you see it hanging on the rustic Cabinet so delicate and feathery…

It was probably beyond the power of the event planners and stylists of SposiamoVi Firenze SRL that this day started so amazingly well, yet they put the couple´s wishes to perfection, that Allison and Joshua put trustingly in their experienced hands.

“We really wanted our wedding day to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible for everyone.” bride Allison reveals and adds: “The location of our wedding, Camporsevoli was secluded and peaceful which we felt was perfect for our whole weekend there.”

After several years of long-distance relationship, the two wanted to celebrate this day only with the people who have gone this long way with them and know them better than anyone else. Even on their wedding day, their families did not leave them out in the rain.

“The most memorable moment was our first dance.” Allison remembers. “It was raining at that point and very windy. But we danced in the middle of the lawn, under the lights and with our family huddled in the corner to keep out of the rain, and it felt perfect to us.”

Even if the day was not accompanied by unbroken sunshine, it certainly was something very special. Because even a cloudy Tuscany exudes its unique flair, which was reflected in every moment through loving details such as the artful floral arrangements by Puscina Flowers.

Fine Art photographer Chymo Meng of Chymo & More Photography was one of the few guests who´s still deeply impressed by this special weekend. „I had the privilege to photograph Allison & Joshua’s intimate and very emotional Tuscany wedding.“

Proudly she lets us take a look at her picture gallery, where she put together the most beautiful pictures of this wedding for us.

Translation; Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Chymo & More Photography
PLANNING & STYLING: SposiamoVi Firenze SRL
WEDDING VENUE: Camporsevoli
FLORAL DESIGN: Puscina Flowers
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Antonella Macaluso
DRESS BOUTIQUE: Bridal Galleria San Francisco
WEDDING RING: Reynolds & Co
GROOM’S WATCH: Longgines
VIDEOGRAPHY: Evergreen Film