It is all around


Her beaming smile warms chilly concrete walls, her perfect appearance fills the room´s widths with life. Open, spacious and modern becomes chic, elegant and cozy in her presence.

Candles mirror the warmth of her heart, her white robe the purity surrounding her. Tender roses describe her fragility; accents in powerful shades of blue symbolize her will to strike a new path.

In the wind her expressive look finds it´s pendant, the filigree head piece expresses her tender being. Her dark hair presages passion while the sparkling ring on her finger points the way…

What a symbiosis of modern architecture and loving fine-tuning! What an artwork of colors and forms!

Photographer Ian Odendaal  takes us onto a journey to South Africa where he showcased today´s modern bride in a fascinating way.

He told: “We are obsessed with sunsets and huge open fields. The colours you see at sunrise and sunset and the palette the sky creates. To me serenity and rose quartz has always been around. It is like we are only aware of it now.”

Our main contrasts we used is to show the perfect balance between these two opposites is the soft tones of the decor elements and dress we used against clean cut cement, industrial building setting. The building represents the serenity, while the dress represents the rose quartz, with the decor and furniture perfectly combining the two colors.

With a breathtaking bridal gown by White Lilly Bridal and stationery by  Chrystalace he created together with stylist Natja Renee Lifestylist plain yet captivating bridal inspirations we are about to share with you now.

See for yourselves and get amazed by the fascinating simplicity captured on expressive pictures by Ian Odendaal .


Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ian Odendaal Photography
CONCEPT + STYLING:  Natja Reney Lifestylist
DRESS: White Lilly Bridal
HAIR + MAKE-UP:  Missy Make-Up Artist
HEADPIECE: Shop no 2
STATIONERY: Chrystalace
FURNITURE + DECOR:  Live Simple Rental