Jannie Baltzer Bridal Accessories Collection 2018


Stunning veils, sparkling bridal jewelry and unique headpieces – the new Jannie Baltzer Bridal Accessories Collection 2018 is as extravagant and innovative as usual, peppered with fresh, new finesse.

Delicate leaves of gold wind gracefully through modern bridal hairstyles. Some of them are accompanied by precious little crystals shimmering gracefully in brown hair.

Playful floral artworks hang on beautiful girl´s ears, no need for additional accessory to give any bridal styling the finishing touch.

Equally exclusive bangles and necklaces, which are also made of the finest gold, set statements without losing their ease.

Pure grace and innocence on the other hand, symbolize the wafer-thin and pure-white veils, meeting the golden headpieces on the head of a bride to unite in a unique entity…

Photographer Sandra Aberg recently showcased these hand-crafted pieces. Dedicated to each and every design she presented them in the most beautiful light.

Selected dresses by Maria Fekih brought the exclusive bridal jewelry to bear, since their cuts, textures and patterns are similarly fancy and modern as the jewels created by Jannie Baltzer.

Since graduating from Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion and Design in Copenhagen, where she got the Royal Award for the most creative collection, Jannie Baltzer became an important part in the world of bridal accessory.

Meanwhile, the internationally successful designer delights brides in more than 55 countries and sells her masterpieces in handpicked shops all around the world.

Unsurprisingly, if you look at the great creations of the new Jannie Baltzer Collection 2018 on the amazing images Sandra Aberg took for us…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




DRESSES: Maria Fekih
CRYSTALS: Preciosa