Jewelry Collection “Pur” by Sarah mia


The new jewelry collection “Pur” by Sarah Mia shimmers and sparkles gracefully between lush greenery.

Pure can be the love between two people. The trust and strength they give each other.  

However, pure is also the timeless design of goldsmith Sarah Mia and the impressive sustainability, with which she creates her jewelry. But also her sense for special materials and the sensitive empathy are unadulterated and pure.

Magically the lavishly crafted wedding and engagement rings nestle against the wearer’s fingers and becomes an anchor point with significant symbolism for the bride and groom.  

“To give every couple their personal jewelry to take along is the primary goal of the brand Sarah mia, since the label was launched in October 2010.” goldsmith Sarah explains. “The road to this sensual symbol begins with a special consultation where we decide on materials, design and style together. After all I draw my inspiration for the respective pieces of jewelry from the direct encounter with my couples.”

The New Botanical Garden in Tübingen, an obviously untouched patch of earth, seemed to be the perfect setting for her filigree artworks.

Photographer Jessica Nitsche merged the exclusive jewelry with the lush greenery and captured this symbiosis of art on her unique pictures.




SCHMUCK: Sarah Mia
FOTOGRAFIE: Jessica Nitsche
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Jessica Nitsche
LOCATION: Neuer Botanischer – Garten Tübingen
MODEL: Pia Truckenmüller









         Sarah Mia