Joana and Diogo´s touching Anniversary


A lonely beach and the rushing sea, a strong breeze and lots of nature framed the lovely anniversary of Joana and Diogo.

Hand in hand, arm in arm – their loving interaction lets the invisible bond between them become visible. Smiling faces talk about happiness, radiant eyes about endless love.

A deep look here, a soft kiss there and no words are needed to assure the other to be forever on their side.

This gorgeous woman in a white dress and her smart cavalier in black and white let us assume to know what´s going on, but it´s not what it looks like…

„Even though Joana and Diogo know each other for more than eight years now they decided the didn´t want to get married ever. In the past they saw too many marriages ending in divorce among family and friends, that shaped them. However, the closer our shooting came the more they had the feeling it could be the perfect opportunity to express their love on a new level.” photographer Isabel Sacher told us.

These two lovebirds don´t need an official ceremony to say “I do” to each other. They´re saying it everyday, with all their heart. It didn´t take more than a dreamlike dress, a wildly appearing bouquet of flowers and the loneliness of the ocean to eternalize their love in a proper way…

“Their story moved me a lot and I realized that this is what it´s really all about. Of course, it´s nice for me as a photographer to have beautiful moments and colorful details of a real wedding or nicely dressed guests and a great venue to capture. But what´s even better and way more important is this unique bond between two people and their supernatural belief in love.” photographer Isabel Sacher raves…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Isabel Sacher Photography
KLEID: Jarlo London
BLUMEN: Florista Piementa, Lissabon
LOCATION: Praia das Maçãs, Sintra, Portugal