Kat & Tom – Wedding Dream at Lake Wörthersee


Sometimes love itself writes the most beautiful stories. Just like the story of Kat and Tom who first met at their prom night. It was a fateful encounter that entailed several unforgettable moments.

After 15 years of dating and lots of energy to keep their long-distance relationship alive they knew: this must be true love. And this love had to be sealed with a stylish wedding at lake Wörthersee – for a whole weekend. Between lake and nature love became marriage. A scenic celebration of love among dreamlike nature – eternalized with fireworks of pictures shot by photographer Pia Clodi of  peaches & mint.

They celebrated at Schlossvilla Miralago which bundles romantic charm, classy elegance and the famous Wörthersee architecture which turned it into the perfect venue for stylish weddings.

For their own wedding the bridal couple decorated dinner tables, the mansion and its boat bridge with big and small lead crystal vases holding different flowers while the white-blue stationery by Herz & Co. told of elegant love. Look how graceful the plain wedding cake by Schnabulerie became a wonderful piece of their loving wedding decoration itself which – once you tasted it – got stuck in your memory.

Adorable flower arrangements giving colorful accents to this soft summer romance led the way along the boat bridge to the altar with blue hydrangeas and revealed the view onto the breathtaking lake backdrop. Whoever says “I do” here, does it in a truly unforgettable manner.

Nice idea to imitate: while unmarried girlfriends were looking forward to catching the bridal bouquet, unmarried men got the chance to catch some luck, too. Tom, who´s living in the U.S. now, brought an American football, wrapped Kat´s garter around it and threw it into the crowd.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi
LOCATION + CATERING: Schlossvilla Miralago / Pörtschach am Wörthersee
OHRRINGE: Saskia Diez
STRUMPFBAND: Agent Provocateur
BRÄUGITAM OUTFIT: Windsor (Anzug), Hemdenmacher Gino Venturini (Hemd) und Hugo Boss (Schuhe)
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Visagistin & Lieblingsfriseurin Katharina Aichholzer
RINGE: Patrik Muff