One last look into the mirror, one final whiff of make-up – Kathi and Chris are about to start their journey to happiness.

With an intimate first look and valuable moments of togetherness they start into their marriage. Attended only by photographer Laura Elena to capture this one special moment for ever that took their breath away.

Relishing the silence and share the excitement. Looking into the future from Salzburg´s mountains and gathering new strength for this day. Oh, if only the world could always revolve about them…

Rustic country life and classy elegance blend in as if they were made for each other. Just like the bridal couple Kathi and Chris who turned the Toni Alm in Mittersill into their very own wedding paradise.

Moving speeches, touching live music, heartfelt congratulations and tons of fun gave this wedding an individual Touch which we can literally feel on the great pictures shot by Laura Elena. Don´t you think?




FOTOGRAFIE: Laura Elena Photography
KLEID: White Silhouette, München
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Friseur „Im Schnittpunkt“, Mittersill
HOCHZEITSREDNERIN: Birgit Grafinger Innsbruck
LOCATION: Schloss Mittersill
FLORISTIN: Isabel Hartl Blumen Galerie
BAND: Mighty Steel Leg Experience – Alternative Folk mit Ingo Lechner