HEADPIECES By La Chia – Sparkling, Filigree and Delicate


Glassy crystals twine around maroon hair, naturally sitting enthroned on the curls of a bride. Embedded in elaborate braided hairstyles white pearls sparkle valuably between strands of hair or ensnare filigree blossoms of Quartz.

Handmade, unique and upscale – this is how we know and esteem the adorable hair jewelry by La Chia. Yet this new collection appears to be even lighter, lovelier and more delicate than ever.

Recently the new designs got impressively showcased at craggy beaches. A petite girl wearing a sheer white gown by Victoria Rüsche was everything the team needed to present the exceptional accessory in the bride´s beautiful long hair properly.

Due to the contrast to this barren, unreal landscape the delicate pieces of art made of small stones and pearls seemed even more charming and complemented the entire bridal look perfectly. Besides, the designer herself took care of the appropriate make-up and hair styles.

The photographers of Chris & Ruth Photography were also a part of the team and eternalized the new hair jewelry collection by La Chia on spectacular pictures. 

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Chris & Ruth Photography
BRAUTKLEID: Victoria Rüsche
MODEL: Mirja Holsten