My name is Susanne Schuhmann and I am the founder of the international fine art wedding blog Amber & Muse – www.amberandmuse.com

In 2011 I first started my German blog “Hochzeitsguide”- www.hochzeitsguide.com

Since 2017 I also publish the English translation under the domain “Amber & Muse”.

With a lot of heart and soul I built this blog with about 2000 posts from the best service providers in the world, with 116,800 Instagram followers and about 40,000 Facebook subscribers.

I was very successful with my print magazine VOW for several years. It was discontinued during the Corona Pandemic. But you could, of course, activate it again at any time.

Now that I’m looking to retire from the business, I’m looking for a successor to help develop my blog, Amber & Muse.

Are you interested? I look forward to hearing from you – susanne@amberandmuse.com

The stylish, minimalist and aesthetic approach to fine art and film photography, as well as the creativity and innovative ideas of so many wedding designers and service providers, have always excited, inspired and motivated me.