Luna Bea – Flora Cruise – Luxury Bridal Hair Accessoires Collection


This year Luna Bea created her masterpiece of wedding inspirations with her hair jewelry collection.

Pompous, modern and versatile – her designs don´t answer the call of a certain season, they shine at every light.

When manufacturing her pieces of art designer Lou Simmonds swears by her own special “porcelain technique”. That´s how her accessories fit perfectly while they´re sturdy and durable at the same time. Every blossom was hand-made with traditional Art Couture in London. For this achievement Luna Bea recently got distinguished by the British Craft Council.

For her Flora Collection she designed eight different pieces. So that every bride can find a matching piece for herself. Due to the manual manufacturing every blossom and every leave fits perfectly: no one handled the playful flower pattern recklessly. Innocence, individuality and a huge declaration of love to details turned this collection into an accessory for every bride who dares to show a different side of herself.

Lou held her masterpieces in romantic white. Traditional and modern, elegant and pompous at the same time – that´s what the art of her noble hair jewelry is all about. And for all of us who think of pricewise extravagance right now we have great news: it was very important for Luna Bea to manufacture her collection affordably so that every bride may benefit from her jewelry.

Get the unique designs by Luna Bea now online.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0001 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0002 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0003 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0004 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0005 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0006 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0007 luna-bea-headpieces-haarschmuck-brautaccessoires_0008


FOTOGRAFIE: Owen Reynolds
MAKE-UP: Anna Inglis Hall
HAARE: Paula McCash