Martina & Emil: Tuscany Summer Love


Sometimes friends are the confederates of love. Once they met the amorousness of Martina and Emil got sealed on an alpine cabin in Altaussee pretty quick with a romantic proposal.

Soon the two tied the knot in Tuscany with all its beautiful facets. It was a Bohemian country wedding among olive groves. With pictorial meadow flowers, time-withered olive trees, glaring lanterns and old wine barrels serving as bar. Rustic romance met elegant easiness, captured on amazing pictures by wedding photographer Marie Bleyer.

After their civil wedding in a little Italian village they passed aged olive groves and alleys of cypresses on their way to a Tuscan finca. A place of peace and with a view over the lush green hills of the country. Then there´s this lovingly decorated dinner table under the open sky.

And this is where the bridal couple already took their seats to enjoy silence and love. The bride wore a loosely falling Bohemian bridal dress with thin straps and delicate dancing-with-the-wind panels while their guests were spoiled with “goodie bags” filled with a personal greeting card, sun oil, after sun lotion, sparkling wine, a floral wreath, chocolate and Jägermeister.

Tender pastel colors here and simple natural elements there became pretty attendants of this Mediterranean countryside wedding shining brightly even after the sun had set…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Marie Bleyer
WEDDING PLANNER: Francesca Ionizzo – Tuscan Wedding Events
LOCATION: La Bandita – Country house (Pienza/ Toskana)
BRAUTKLEID: Rue de Seine
FLORISTIK: Puscina Flowers