Matt and Hannah – Steep Cliffs And Green Hope

A bride stands along the slope. She’s holding a candle in her hand framed by a coral colored glass. She’s surrounded by many candles more, which bring light and hope into the craggy landscape behind her.

Silence is calling her, the sky is gray. Her curly brown hair lays down on her long champagne colored dress, her cleavage is adorned with silver lace jewelry.

The observers view reaches far over this scene. Right there where you dimly see huge mountains in the distance lays a field of dried out land. Every now and then green bushes appear as if this swath of land wants to say: I didn’t give up yet! I still believe in true love – no matter how deep these mountains tear us down the slope.

Steep slopes and wildly growing flowers are the theme of this shooting by Sarah’s Garden and Brushire Photography.

Nobody knows if rain will come soon. For now there’s still a warm and soft ray to see under the dark gray sky. The bride hugs her sweetheart and let’s him carry her through the upcoming disaster that might be falling from the sky shortly. He is her hope that makes her heart sing silently.

Now the photographers Mike and Brit of Brushire Photography fascinate us with their poetic world of pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Brushfire Photography
BRAUTKLEID: Jenny Packham von The Dress Theory / San Diego
KOORDINATION: Karen Podrasky of KDP Events
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Jessica Fierro
KALLIGRAPHIE: Jenny Sanders of Graceline Art
MODELS: Hannah & Matt