Unique, puristic and innovative – that´s how Blackbird’s Pearl presents their new collection of hair jewelry „Meadowsweet“.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and blooming summer meadows the costume designer Johanna Talleraas from London created filigree hair accessories, one-of-a-kind head pieces and exquisite silk flowers.

Johanna was born with talent and creativity. Since she was a little girl she loved crafting patiently little ensembles of flowers, leaves and branches for hours which she found in the nature earlier.

“Thanks to my brides I´m able to create new, delicate accessories, shape silky blossoms and sew little leaves of satin for my designs over and over. It´s my pleasure being a little part of a big day.” Johanna Talleraas tells us excitedly.

All the purisitc designs of her recent Blackbird’s Pear collection “Meadowsweet” combine natural freshness with cool elegance and delicate playfulness.

Now let´s get enchanted by the beauty of this accessory!


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HAARSCHMUCK: Blackbird’s Pearl
FOTOGRAFIE: Anders Talleraas
KLEIDER: Daughters of Simone, Elizabeth Dye, Heidi Elnora, Kisui alle via Heart Aflutter, London
HARE + MAKE-UP: Rose Angus
MODEL: Jessica – Anti Agency London