Mona and Karl – When Wedding Photographers Tie The Knot…


…we speak of a gorgeous vintage wedding idea with a lordly touch and countless self-made wedding details.

An amazing combination of a fabulous location with ancient furniture presenting little home made decoration elements, gift bags and old cigar boxes. Little vases with pastel colored flower arrangements embedded on white lace doilies right next to where guests can leave good wishes for the bridal couple on a nostalgic typewriter.

A potpourri of self made things, several pieces found on flea markets and elegant details. Adorably arranged among Reichenau´s majestic nursery Wartholz. Truly a brilliant wedding spectacle in light pink captured on camera by the wedding photographers Dani and Roland of  Linse 2.

All this and much more in keeping with the motto “Kiss Forever” as a romantic tribute to their first kiss.

Their “first look” on their wedding day was when Mona walked towards her Karl wearing a dreamlike 40´s style dress by Rembo-Design with self designed removable sleeves.

A deep look followed by a dear kiss. Full of anticipation for what will come they walked through the bordering castle grounds together where a wonderful outdoor wedding made their love official.

Special details create special weddings that´s for sure. And that´s why Mona and Karl gathered every wine cork of every bottle wine they ever drank to turn them into creative place card holders.

Wedding decoration with personal charm, if you will, which also their pictures on an old wooden door and the self-made stationery which invited us to indulge in elegance and love among an informal atmosphere spread.

Yes, DIY can look precious!

Now enjoy Linse 2´s wonderful world of pictures and get inspired… 

Text: Yvonne Bosch, Translation: Marina Jenewein


mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0001 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0002 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0003 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0004 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0005 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0006 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0007 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0008 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0009 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0010 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0011 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0012 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0013 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0014 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0015 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0015a mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0016 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0018 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0019 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0020 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0021 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0022 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0023 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0024 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0025 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0026 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0027 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0028 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0029 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0030 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0031 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0032 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0033 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0034 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0035 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0036 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0037 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0038 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0039 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0040 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0041 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0042 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0043 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0044 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0045 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0046 mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0047mona-karl-vintage-schlosshochzeit_0050


PLANUNG: Brautpaar ( Mona + Karl Blümel)
LOCATION: Schlossgärtnerei Wartholz, Reichenau
HOTEL: Marienhof, Reichenau
BRAUTKLEID: Rembo Styling bei  Atelier 7
BRAUTSCHUHE: Rachel Simpson bei Heyday Vienna
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Alexandra Condopoulos 
ACCESSOIRES BRÄUTIGAM: Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe
FLORISTIK: Karl Schick – Blumenbinder
BACKWERK + TORTE: Christina Krug – Schnabulerie
EHERINGE: Waiglein



linse2-klein heyday_neu-klein  alex_condopoulos-klein








      Linse 2                                          Heyday                                    Alexandra Condopoulos                     Atelier 7