Venice – Love At First Sight


Dramatically the morning fog got caught on narrow alleys and branched waterways, only slowly the sun makes it through its dense billows. But she fights because she knows what she´s fighting for…

Venice seems deserted. Wee see untouched bridges and St.Marcus‘ Square appears dead. Gondolas lay silently on the water; a forlorn historic city lies ahead. Obviously this is the perfect time and place for a very exceptional wedding!

„Adam and Cetera first contacted us about photographing their elopement in Venice.“ Koby Brown told us. „The morning of their elopement dawned with a dreamy fog that lent well to the couple’s romantic, intimate celebration.“ Koby raved about this special day.

Even the bridal couple itself was more than positively surprised by the city as groom Adam revealed: „We chose Venice, sight unseen, because of it uniqueness and regal beauty. We knew Venice would be spectacular but Venice is beyond that, and for our elopement it was the perfect backdrop. We will forever cherish the memories we have made in this romantic and magical city.“

Adam and Cetera had everything – from a spectacular atmosphere to a breathtaking Pronovias  bridal gown and the great selection of backdrops for unforgettable pictures. Memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives, thanks to Koby Brown

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FILM SCANS: Richard Photo Lab
GOWN: Pronovias