My-Lihn and Emilio – autumnal After Wedding Shoot 


The vineyards shine golden yellow under the warm autumn sun, hiding the last dark and powerful grapes. Looking endlessly into the width until one divines the Swiss Alps in the distance.

Deep red mixes with autumnal shades of nature giving them the power for one last glamorous performance this year…

And all that for this adorable bridal couple My-Lihn and Emilio who met photographer Anna Tereshina and Florist Laetitia of Florésie in a cute little town in Switzerland called Bex.

„For me this shooting was a real dream came true.“ photographer Anna raves about this project. „This November day was amazing warm, not only because of the weather, but also because of real emotions from the couple, leftover grapes from the winery and incredible Swiss Alps landscape.“

Florist Laetitia seems to bee deeply affected, too: „In terms of styling, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted a strong seasonal inspiration. Autumn colors were surrounding us with all their warm energy and we used them without limit, together with the deep hues of the Swiss red wine.“

See for yourselves what Anna and Laetitia created among these plain vineyards and get ready to be amazed by the unique after wedding photos by Anna Tereshina.

Text: Marina Jenewein


My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0001 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0002 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0003 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0005 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0006 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0007 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0007a My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0008 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0009 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0010 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0011 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0011a My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0012 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0012a My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0013 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0014 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0015 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0016 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0017 My-Lihn-Emilio-Herbstliches-After-Wedding-Shoot_0020


PHOTOGRAPHY: Anna Tereshina Photography
WEDDING GOWN: Delphine Manivet
HAIR: Coiffure Dominique
MAKE-UP: Angela Cristina Ferreira for Institut Le Paradis
WEDDING CAKE: Sweet time
RIBBONS: Fleuropean