Natalie and Steve – Where it all began


Above the city or among the tranquility of nature, in the mountains or the wide fields, next to roaring waterfalls or rattling cable cars – this is where Natalie and Steve show us where it all began.

This wedding video is innovative, modern and artful. It´s not only about the crowning moment of their love – videographer Sebastian Mandryka of Superweddings also shows their mutual path that led them there in his very own emotional way.

„Steve & Natalie are a Polish-Swiss couple who met in Lugano a few years ago. Places like Como Lake and Milano were very important to them on their “love path” so we decided to tell their story and how it all began in those places.“

Steve & Natalie´s wedding was as unconventional as these moving memories and the adorable couple itself. Last late summer the two celebrated an unforgettable feast of love which was multicultural, open-minded and straightforward.

„The wedding itself was a humanistic one, where Steve was waiting on a ship-platform for Natalie to arrive on a small boat. They invited around 80 guests out of whom most were of an international mix from countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, England, Poland, Germany and Zimbabwe.“

For us Natalie and Steve are a wonderful and loving bridal couple but also an inspiring example for other unconventional couples looking for some wedding inspiration. And who knows, maybe soon we´ll see more meaningful wedding videos like this shot by Sebastian Mandryka of Superweddings.

Translation: Marina Jenewein