the Natural and artful calligraphy by Eliv Rosenkranz




Natural, artful, airy and wild; cautious, yet fresh & lively at the same time – with her designs and her unique style of calligraphy Eliv Rosenkranz brings a breath of fresh air to the world of wedding stationery.

Inspired by old buildings, churches, stone walls, pottery and beautiful interior as well as simple things like dried grasses, Claudia Vollnhofer – the woman behind Eliv Rosenkranz – creates her designs.

Stationery for lovers of cautious, soft yet none the less intriguing designs. For all of those who are in search for stylistic inconsistency mastered in a beautiful way, or a combination of a clean, graphic appearance with a strong individual touch in form of calligraphy, as well as for fans of floral elements.

Besides a limited number of custom designs per year, as of now there is also an Eliv Rosenkranz Online-Shop. Customers can choose from a selection of semicustom designs: ranging from minimalistic, clean & modern, to nostalgic & playful or wildly natural either with or without floral elements. The combination of modern typography and fine calligraphy creates an exciting overall look.

Currently there are 8 designs – inspired by a journey to Bosnia and the beauty of its wild nature, named after female first names: Mira, Gabrijela, Irma, Marija, Silvija, Tereza, Valerija, Vesna.

The thread running through all designs of Eliv Rosenkranz is simple yet artful and dynamic. Movement & dance have always been central elements of Claudia’s live. She also finds this passion reflected in her work as a calligrapher:

 “Behind my work with ink and pen there is always movement, energy and sound. The sound of the pen moving over the paper, slow or fast. There is a relation between the words, the form, the space, the connotation, the color, the ink and the paper – for me it is a holistic concept with all senses.“

It all started back when Claudia was looking for a “fine alternative to the classic designs of stationery” for her own wedding. As she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, she quickly decided to take matters into her own hands and to learn the art of calligraphy herself – that’s when Eliv Rosenkranz was born.

Her home in southern Lower Austria, where she lives with her husband and two daughters, is now also home to the Eliv Rosenkranz studio where her designs and art are created and where she also started and now focuses more on making paper by hand, which gives her stationery even more of that certain something.

Melanie Nedelko staged this artful paper works with her impressive pictures.