Wild and Modern – New Bridal Collection by Suzanne Harward


Impeccable cuts and details designed with vivid fantasy yet it is the beauty and simplicity of soft fabrics and tender shades of white that make these dresses so special.

Handmade in Melbourne since 1975 these dresses are made for women who know what they want and love to live authenticity. This bride is wild, free and openminded, always remaining fancy and elegant.

Yes, extravagant beauty and pure elegance can look gorgeous! Restrained but impossible to overlook. This is what  Suzanne Harward’s new collection is all about.

The new collection of  Suzanne Harward  named “New Victorian” is an homage to a time when impeccable fashioning and finest details full of passionate fantasy with unlike beauty and extreme elegance as embodiment were custom.

In this collection dresses were reduced to the essential – straight cuts, plain fabrics or all over lace.

When deep necklines and couture attitude blend into an irresistible liaison of style and sexiness we realize: sometimes less really is more!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0001suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0002suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0003 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0004

suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0005suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0006 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0007

suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0008 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0009




suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0015 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0016 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0017

suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0018 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0019 suzanne-harward-neo-victorian-bridaldresses_0020