We gaze upon walls from which ancient paint is peeling. We perceive intricate murals that wind up towards the ceiling like ivy.

We discover a groaning wooden staircase leading to the chambers on the upper floor. What we really see is a row of beautiful women, gracefully descending the stairs as though floating, each bringing joy to the lucky man waiting for her below.

We notice faded stone paths that lead through abandoned gardens. We recognise young delicate plants that sprout and bloom in the face of all resistance.

Beauty is usually hard to overlook. But sometimes it lies hidden in the details, only becoming clearly noticeable at second glance. If we find it nonetheless, it becomes all the more precious and rare.

Like generations before her have experienced, a new life begins for another bride here today. Leaving no doubt as to her loveliness, she outshines the estate and its glamorous sparkle. The gentle grey of her delicate robe reminds us of the historic walls, the pale rose of the paper goods brings to mind her elf-like skin. She is seductive with her low-cut dress and her extraordinary back offers a beguiling sight. A floor-length veil covers her pretty face and playfully shrouds her allure in vague innocence.

Still, her only companion is a fragrant bouquet of flowers, luscious and rich in vibrancy. But soon, it will have to make space for a new companion when she trustingly puts her hand into those of her future husband…

Immerse yourself in this magical world of inspiration, created by Linda Ha Events and a wonderful team, and be enchanted by the stunning images of Luna de Mare.



PHOTOGRAPHY Luna de Mare Photography
LOCATION Swannaona
PAPER GOODS Julie Ha Calligraphy
PAPER St Signora, Owl Post Calligraphy
FLORALS La Fleur du Jour
GOWN Cinobi
JEWELRY Susie Saltzman
RIBBON Frou Frou Chic
HAIR Brianna B. Adams
MAKE-UP Susan Lim Makeup Artist
MODEL Maeve Jarvis – modelogic