Olivia headpieces – sensuality in ultimate perfection


Due to their sensual looks the adorable hair decoration pieces designed by the Canadian label Olivia cause quite a stir.

“Our company’s symbol is a wolf that represents Olivia’s spirit and depicts our bride’s character. They are discerning, they fight for their dreams, they are brave, strong and beautiful”, said Sandra Silveyra, designer behind Olivia.

“This new line is targeted to them; the leaders of the wolf pack”.

The collection consists of 15 headpieces made with a variety of materials and techniques like intricate beading, wiring and stone setting.

“It’s a very eclectic collection infused with diversity. I’m a Mexican designer, who lives in Canada now and I spend a lot of time travelling which results on an inevitable mix of influences.

You’ll see a bohemian looking halo finished with a romantic style flower vine and a pair of art deco tassels, for example.”

Olivia is based in Vancouver and this is a permanent source of inspiration as well. The campaign photos for this new collection were shot by fashion photographer Liz Rosa at Stanley Park, a beautiful dense forest located in the middle of the city, surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The pretty designs by Olivia radiate tender fascination and make highest demands to elegance and beauty. They´re worldwide available online.


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