Olivia The Wolf – Exclusive Collection For ASOS


We are gravitating towards a curtain of mysterious tension, it fascinates us so much we want to see what´s behind.

Powerful black and innocent white join to become elegant grey. Taking a backseat to clear the way.

To clear the way for extravagant designs, valuable fabrics and incomparable handicraft. To clear the way for unique jewelry of  Olivia The Wolf’s new collection.

Exclusively for ASOS, the biggest online fashion retailer in the UK, the Canadian designer Sandra Silveyra designed 13 exceptional headpieces for brides who want to complement their bridal style with a special something.

Inspired by her journeys and her new life in Canada the Mexican by birth designed bridal accessory with different influences like BoHo and Art Deco and combined them with modern elements.

Until now the much sought after accessories by  Olivia The Wolf were almost exclusively available outside Europe. But with this collection it becomes as easy as never before to adorn ourselves with the designer´s impressive artwork. Because now they are available even for us at the ASOS online shop!

So if the fascinating pictures shot by photographer Lindsay Elliot aren´t enough go online and visit ASOS to see the full collection.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0001 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0002 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0002a olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0003 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0005 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0006 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0007 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0008 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0009 olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0010olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0012olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0013olivia-the-wolf-headpeaces-asos_0007


ACCESSOIRES: Sandra Silveyra – Olivia The Wolf
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lindsay Elliot
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Kristi from East Vanity Parlour
MODEL: Annapurna from Radkids
VENUE: The Narrow Lounge