Oriental Wedding in Marrakech



Powerful colors, exotic fruits and Oriental delicacies take us to an unknown world Feline and Arnaud´s wedding to Marrakech.

We are experiencing a roaring celebration that lasts for two days and fulfills every wish a cosmopolitan, multicultural heart dreams of.

Relaxing in the shade of banana trees, cool down in the turquoise blue pool, traditional tea ceremonies underneath a Bedouin tent – for the German-French bridal couple and their guests tying the knot became an unforgettable experience.

After the civil wedding in the town hall of Marrakech on day one the wedding party walked through the vibrant city to a fantastic restaurant Le Jardin, where exquisite food was served to present Morocco from its best culinary side.

On the second day, Feline, Arnaud and their guests drove to the desert just outside of Marrakech to another fascinating location La Pause. Again, different cultures came together over a glass of wine and local specialties.

Photographer Alain M attended the young couple´s combination of countries and cultures and is still impressed by what you can do with only a small budget. „Dispite the limited budget, they are both very creative, they still managed to pull off an amazing wedding. As an example, all the table decorations have been purchased the very same morning on the flea market, the bride’s dress is vintage from eastern Europe.“

Let the cheerful mood, the glorious colors and the extraordinary stylings sweeten your day by sinking into the wonderful picture gallery of Alain M Photography with us.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Alain M Photography
VENUE: Le Jardin
VENUE: La Pause