Modern Pride and Prejudice


“A lady’s imagination is very rapid;
it jumps from admiration to love,
from love to matrimony in a moment.” 

 – Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice) –


A sea of candles bathes the ancient barn in golden light, continued within the table´s noble glance. Trays, underplates, candle holder and flatware mirror the flickering glow of elegance, invite us to taste the wealth.

Wealth not only in the form of valuable gold, even gorgeous flowers presage prosperity. Multifaceted in buds and colors they unite to magnificent arrangements to adorn bride and venue.

Inspired by the world literature „Pride and Prejudice“ photographer  Louzelle van Dyk and event stylist Jolindi van der Merwe of Chrystalace created this dreamlike bridal inspiration with reminiscent elements of an English cottage of the olden days.

„This styled shoot explores the romance of these beautiful, idyllic spaces through an elegant tablescape with elegant silverware, vintage handkerchiefs with embroidery and loose organic floral arrangements with hints of this year’s pantone pair, Rose Quartz and Serenity.“ the two artists told us excitedly.

As creative director Jolindi van der Merwe also designed the graceful stationery and told us: „The invitation suite’s look is a combination of a formal layout with matching handwritten emerald calligraphy and accompanied with a soft pink envelope which matches the shoots hues perfectly.“

The beautiful bygone era dresses add to the romance and enchantment with their sheer detail, fine jeweled elements and old school charm. Multi-talented photographer  Louzelle van Dyk adorned the soft sophisticated hair with matching elegant broaches for a natural innocent bridal look.

Modern interpreted yet with proper respect for the world-famous opus by Jane Austen Chrystalace and  Louzelle van Dyk brought Pride and Prejudice into modern times without loosing the olden days´ glance.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Louzelle van Dyk  
VENUE: Imperfect Perfection  
STATIONERY: Chrystalace Wedding Stationery  
BRIDAL GOWNS: Joss Bridal Wear
MAKE-UP: Missy Makeup Artist  
HAIR: Louzelle van Dyk  
CAKE: Pippa and Polly Cakery