Fabienne and Dennis – Endless Magic


We fell in love with the likable couple Fabienne and Dennis right away. They spread so much heartiness and familiarity, it´s heartwariming…

Their wedding was a very private ceremony, with their families only. So they planned an After Wedding Shooting to get the opportunity to slip into their beautiful outfits one more time and to share some intense moments of togetherness.

Among some woodland near Frankfurt Fabienne and Dennis met the photographers Kathrin and Simon from A Tale of two Hearts to capture these adorable snapshots on amazing pictures.

It´s so much fun to watch the couple interact stunningly easy and natural in front of the camera – it seems like they´re the center of the world.

We´re very excited by Fabiennes romantic hairstyle with the interlaced plait which she created all by herself.

Kathrin and Simon from A Tale of two Hearts outperform with their expressive pictures. They get right under our skin and leave a lasting impression behind.

Translation: Marina Jenewein