Adele and Brent – magical Beach Wedding At Lake Idaho


A warm creek bathes naked feet, fresh moss keeps them grounded. Idyllically and silently tall trees rise metres high into the sky. You hear birds chirping and water plashing. Lovingly kisses and caresses are being exchanged – one enjoys the moment.

Adele and Brent got married at the beach of Lake Idaho – a pictorial place surrounded by lush meadows, lonely woods and a wonderfully sandy beach. The perfect location for a perfect wedding!

As canny wedding coordinator herself it was obviously no problem for bride Adele to organize an unforgettable party styled and sophisticated to perfection.

She and Brenth attachedhigh importance to personality, individuality and authenticity. Everyone should say: “This is so Adele and Brent!”. So they offered their guests a fresh mixture of an easygoing garden feast, a glamorous gala, a cheerful party and a romantic wedding with a touch of vintage.

Countless details and little presents for the guests, stunning flower arrangements, adorable table decoration and an especially touching ceremony turned this wedding into an unforgettable unique copy.

The incomparable photographer Rebecca Hollis was honored to join Adele and Brent from the beginning and captured big emotions as well as a consistently happy atmosphere on terrific pictures for us. Come with us and dive into the colorful world of Adele and Brent…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Rebecca Hollis Photography
VENUE: Elkins Resort
DRESS: Sarah Janks
HAIR: Studio CG Salon
MAKE-UP: Shasta Hankins
FLORALS: Caravan Floral Design
RENTALS: the Attic and Event Rents
BAND: The Rub
FILM LAB: Photovision
Styling, vintage glassware, place settings, candles, chandeliers and structure, vintage plates, fairy lamps, cocktail table linens, napkin rings, fireplace: The Bride, Adele Meehan