Andrada and Jakob – Honeymoon on SantorinI


Do you want to take an excursion into summer today?

Then come with us and let the sun warm up your hearts by looking at the breathtaking pictures shot by Pia Clodi from peaches & mint.

Andrada and Jakob met the talented film artist on Santorini where they spent their honeymoon.

Filigree bell-carriers and blue church cupolas are as characteristic island landmarks as pictorial windmills and straying cats. If you spend a couple of days here and enjoy spectacular sunsets you will experience moments between earth and seventh heaven.

Andrada and Jakob obviously feel very comfortable on this scenic piece of earth – their eyes shine brighter than the sun.

Now dive with us into this dreamlike atmoshpere that the impressive pictures shot by Pia Clodi from peaches & mint convey.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




       peaches & mint