Anna and Andreas – Outdoor love-shoot


Cozy places among nature, a romantic wooden bridge across a little rill which wiggles idyllic through the forest and some shafts of sunlight which blaze their trail through the branches – what a dreamlike location for a smitten couple shooting.

Anna and Andreas are already civilly married for two years and as happy as on their wedding day. Soon they are going to have their church wedding and are in the middle of the preparations for that right now.

To have a little timeout they met their wedding photographer Laura Elena for this pleasurable love shooting.

It´s so much fun to watch Anna and Andreas move so surprisingly easy in front of the camera.
Incidentally two years ago Andreas proposed at this very bridge to Anna – isn´t that wonderfully romantic?!

Thanks to the talented light-artist Laura Elena and her amazing pictures we are now experiencing the beautifully intense moments of this likable couple and are perfectly happy.

My personal thoughts:

I love couple shoots! They are the perfect gift for anniversaries or engagements and you can use the results for your invitation cards. Besides you can take the chance to build up a mutual trust to your wedding photographer. Creativity knows no limits: hobbies, favourite places, animals or clothes can be integrated… But the most important thing is to enjoy some very intense moments of togetherness with your sweetheart which become unforgettable thanks to adorable snapshots.

Translation: Marina Jenewein