Annas and Tobis wedding goes under our skin and is right down our alley.

The charismatic and head over heels in love couple has a very natural aura that makes you take them into your heart at first sight.

Anna and Tobi run two vintage-cafés called „Sofa” and „Couch” and that´s why it wasn´t surpirsing at all that their wedding on Gut Grafenried mirrored their love for old furniture.

We´re totally excited about the idea of creating an intimate living room atmosphere with an old couch that enables the bridal couple to have eye contact with their guests during the ceremony.

Both placed great importance on a very personal ceremony. Anna and Tobi gave vent to their feelings and left no dry eye left. Moments of pure goosebumps…

The cute couple´s look matched their wedding theme perfectly. Toby surprises us with his great outfit and Anna, too, fascinates with her romantic vintage-dress.

At night they had an open stage where all their music loving friends played emotional concerts and even Tobi sang an a cappella version of Janis Joplin´s „Merzedez Benz”… This is what heaven must feel like!

Martin Holzner impresses with his touching world of pictures that catapults us right into seventh heaven.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAF: Herr Holzner
LOCATION: Gut Grafenried Regensburg
BRAUTKELID: Aire Barcelona
CAPE: Selfmade
SCHUHE: 9west
HUT BRÄUTIGAM: Mayser, Hutmacher seit 1800
FLIEGE UND GÜRTEL: Arnulf von Kärnten
HEMD: Hochzeitshemd des Vaters
JACKET UND WESTE: Zara Basic Collection
HOSE: Divided, H&M
SCHUHE: Rover & Lakes
BEUTEL: The Essence of Hass, Berlin