Barbara and Peter – Moments of luck


This adorable engagement-shooting of Barbara and Peter is heartwarming!

The charismatic couple spread a lot of zest for life and refreshing naturalness – it’s so much fun to watch them interact. Both obviously enjoyed romping across the great rubble place and flirting in front of the camera.

The photographer Melanie Nedelko is a huge fan of Barbara Kaudelka, who already made a name for herself as actress in the exciting Austrian series “Janus”.

Her bright blue eyes and her sunny smile are simply fascinating.

Melanie Nedelko impresses with her expressive pictures and lets us be part of the dearly and playful moments of this likable couple. Let’s get carried away…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Melanie Nedelko
HAARE & MAKE-UP: MakeUp Artist Angie