Eva und Felipe – sweet love in Venice


When you think about romantic images, love, and cuddles, you cannot avoid thinking about the art of the two talented sisters Tali and Claudia of Tali Hochzeitsfotografie.

And who best could capture the atmosphere of such a romantic engagement session if not them?

Eva, the talented weddingplaner of Chic Weddings in Italy, and her sweetheart Felipe decided that they wanted to have a romantic mood for her engagement session and they also didn’t want to travel so far away from the city they love so much.

Eva told us: ” I wanted to have a photographer who could see the beauty of the romantic colours, and could understand the love between two adults. And I wanted someone who could make me look “beautiful” avoiding capturing the worst side of me (which everyone has, right?).

Furthermore I wanted to work with a photographer who was familiar with the Venetian type of architecture. That was an important factor for me and Tali and Claudia (with their cultural family background from the Venetian influenced city of Rovijn, Croatia) were the perfect match. Tali and Claudia also have Italian origins so I knew they could see what I wanted them to see of the islands around Venice. I contacted them and by coincidence they were shooting a wedding in Ravello and had some work to be done near Venice afterwards. So the deal was done.

One day we met on the island of Burano, where we decided to shoot. We found the colours amazing, the little narrow streets adorable and the shops and the little colourful fisherman houses just wonderful…The sun was almost set and we had a lovely time together.

I was very relaxed thanks to Tali and Claudia who really put us at ease. As much as I am used to have myself photographed, I was still a little bit shy when I had to hug and kiss in front of a photographer…

We also worked on a proper styled shoot together, which matched the pink colour of the sunset and the skirt I was wearing as well as the blue of the sky and of my fiances beautiful eyes which I love so much. For this photoshoot, I wanted to use some materials which included all these colours, from the colours of the sunset, to the colours of our clothes and the colors of the houses on Burano… It was also very important for me to incorporate the use of shells and lace which are two of my favourite materials.

I have received many compliments on these images and I cannot thank Tali and Claudia of Tali Hochzeitsfotografie enough for this romantic day together in Burano.”

Translation: Marina Jenewein