Farina and Hannes – crazy couple-shoot in ghost town

Farina and Hannes are wedding-photographers (Mister & Misses Do) from Berlin and on their journey through California and Nevada they met the photographers Manuela and Martin by FORMA Photography from Austria.

Soon they agreed that this situation was perfect for an extraordinary couple-shoot.

An old ghost town near Las Vegas with its abandoned barracks and discarded buses offered an ideal and exciting scenery.

Between disused chairs, stiring wheels, gas pumps, rusty cars and morbid wooden barracks the smitten couple finally posed in front of the professional lenses of Manuela and Martin. Obviously the four had a lot of fun among this bizarre atmoshpere.

Farina and Hannes met each other at the university and shared the same circle of friends. They love to photograph together, to cook and to bake. Farina sings and dances passionately at home while Hannes hangs out at the football ground since he was a child. Their common interests, his charm and her changeableness weld them together.

We are totally impressed and got carried away by the expressive pictures of Manuela and Martin of FORMA Photography.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




  FORMA Photography