Inga and David – Lovestory in Berlin

Inga and David fascinated me right away with their charismatic charm.

Both live in Berlin, Inga works as a stylist and visual merchandiser, David plays the bass in the band Luxuslärm.

This likable couple met at a theme party with the theme “superheroes/childhood heroes”. David came dressed up as Goofy with a black face and Inga created her own  superhero: “Superpiggy”.

It was a cheerful party but they didn’t fall in love until the reunion afterwards.

Together they now enjoy the beautiful things in life: they cook and love to shop.

David is the creative one who loves to go on expeditions while Inga is relaxed and makes sure he pauses from time to time.

Here’s pure love in the air and it’s so much fun to watch them interact.

We are deeply impressed by the expressive pictures shot by Farina and Hannes of Mister & Misses Do, who make us happily dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


© Mister & Misses Do