Jenny and Ralf – Truly Love


When Ralf surprised his Jenny with a delicious Curry two and a half years ago Jenny couldn´t help but falling in love with him. Since then the two are inseperable!

Together with their photographer Julia Hofmann the cute couple recently strolled through Karlsruhe. Their intense looks and glowing eyes tell how much they love each other and how deep their bond is.

Full of joy they seemed to shine brighter than the sun and obviously enjoyed some easigoing and care-free moments of togetherness.

Suddenly there was this piano on the street and Jenny and Ralf started to play on it – we would have loved listening to them.

We´re truly fascinated by the talent and the grasp Julia Hofmann puts into her romantic and dreamy worlds of pictures. Lay back comfortably and enjoy this young and care-free love with us…

Translation: Marina Jenewein