Joy and Jeffrey – forever in love


An old cabin with huge glass windows and yellowed, green wooden boards stands lonely in the middle of a dusty desert landscape.

Joy and Jeffrey made themselves comfortable there with some cozy sofas and a little warm oven.

Smitten they cuddle up and enjoy their deep intimateness.

They stroll across scraggy landscape, climb on rocks and experience their togetherness, covered by a cuddly warm blanket. In this moment it seems like the width of the surrounding nature reflects their endless love.

Joy and Jeffrey – a cute couple with captivating charism and a cool look that fascinated us right away.

We are big fans of the exceptional artist Stephanie Willilams of  This Modern Romance – her worlds of pictures speak a modern and sensitive language. It’s magical…

Translation: Marina Jenewein

“Oh that the desert were my dwelling place,
With only one fair spirit for my minster.
That I might forget the human race,
And hating no one, love her only.”

– Lord Byron –