Kayla and Jon – Seafaring Into The Heart


Warm sunrays lap around the lovers silhouettes. The ocean doesn´t wait for those who loose the anchor first. But this day seems to be made for a expedition into the surges. The groom wants to propose yet doesn´t know how. He assigned a captain to attend them through the waves.

After five and a half years Jon wants to pop the most important question of his life. He brought a pic-nic basket full of wine and other delicacies.

It´s no easy question he´s about to ask yet he never was more secure in his decision. Jon raves about conversations lasting for hours, about kidding around like teenagers and about the matter of the heart Kayla became to him – and might be for the rest of his life.

The anchor is casted, the boat stopped on a pivate island. They stroll along the beach, it´s clouded but today they are all alone on this island. Suddenly Jon gathers all his courage and takes a deep breath. He goes down on one knee and asks what he wanted to ask for such a long time.

Kayla is perfectly happy, says „Yes” and together they set off back to land. That´s where they start into a new part of their lives.

This romantic dream of pictures shot by Melanie Gabrielle takes us into a wonderful world full of big emotions.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Melanie Gabrielle
MUSEUM: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens