Amazing autumn atmosphere, mystic fog and a lonely alp in Stoos, Switzerland, set the dreamlike framework for this adorable love shooting.

Together with their photographer Carolin from Carito Photography Larisa and Michael enjoyed this wonderful view onto the Lake Lucerne and the silence of nature. Larisa´s red dress with an elegant bow on her back immediately attracts attention. We are fascinated how naturally this vibrant color blends in with the lush green of meadows and forests.

Carolin told us: „We wanted to underline Larisa’s naturalness and the smooth fabrics with a simple make-up and a casual bun of her naturally wavy hair.

Within the chosen label Carpasus of Michaels outfit nature found its equivalent. Carpasus is a start up from Zurich that specializes on men´s shirts that were produced sustainably and under fair working conditions. To make that transparent there´s a code sewn-in into every single shirt that helps customers to follow up the shirts way and even get to know the workmen who produced the shirt.

Being a photographer it was especially important to me to show authenticity, because this shooting was supposed remain approachable and provide realizable inspirations.”

We´re delighted by the wonderful and expressive pictures shot by Carito Photography that made our day.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Carito Photography
BLUMEN: DIY – Carito Photography
LOCATION: Stoos, Kanton Schwyz, Schweiz
KLEID: Shein
SCHMUCK: Pompidou
ANZUG: Felix W
HEMD: Carpasus
SCHUHE: Pasito
UHR. Certina