Maike and Florian – Emotional Love in the Mountains

Today we´re taking you onto an admirable alp – to be clear onto Rosi´s Sonnbergstubn in Kitzbühel, where Maike and Florian made each other the world´s most beautiful promises.

Both of them love the pictorial landscape and the mountains of Tyrol. Especially in Kitzbühel they lost their hearts because of the city´s beauty and its many facets.
Unfortunately the weather was not ideal and so one couldn´t see the mountains behind the clouds, but the smiling bride and the love between the two outshined the bad weather.

The decoration colored in green and white was very classy and matched perfectly into the scenery and the rustic atmosphere of Rosi´s Sonnbergstubn.

The many “do it yourself” decoration-items like the name-tags, the tissues “for happy tears” and the wooden deer as presents for the guests made the wedding very personal. The moment when Rosi, the owner of the location, took the microphone and dedicated a song to the newlyweds was one of the highlights.

For this special day, they created a wonderful and comfortable ambience. You can see that in the eyes of the loving couple and their guests, and with Manuela Kalupar Maike and Florian found an amazing photographer who did a great job.
With a lot of emotion and talent she shot dreamlike pictures and caught the weddings spirit perfectly on camera. Looking at these pictures feels like we´re just around the corner hearing the laughing guests and the singing host ourselves.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


© Manuela Kalupar