Marion and Armin – Dreamlike Mountain Wedding


Endlessly lengthy seems the panorama where summit huddles softly against summit. Up here nature is untouched and the air smells clear and bloomy fresh…

Armin and Marion met when they were teenagers. Yet time had to go by before they decided to walk the path of love together eleven years ago. And it was this path which led them to the altar this summer.

Marion always dreamt of a wedding wearing a lightsome and elfish dress, with flowers in her hair and barefooted on an alpine meadow.

Armin shares her passion for mountains and her touch with nature and so it was certain their wedding had to become an unforgettable dreamlike mountain wedding.

Not only did wildly picked field flowers, grasses and medicinal plants adorn the church and their reception the colorful variety also took effect as bracelets, boutonnieres and even on the five-storied wedding cake.

Lovingly self-made details like trail signs, a guestbook and a very special ring-cushion as well as Marion’s customized dress granted this day its loose BOHO atmosphere they both wanted.

It was the wonderful photographer Chris Spira who captured all the unique moments of this day on camera. Her pictures make us literally smell the fresh mountain air and let time stand still for a moment…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein

    PHOTOGRPAHY: Chris Spira Photography LOCATION: Bad Schörgau, Südtirol WEDDING DRESS: Barbara von Atelier von Pföstl BRIDAL SHOES: Jimmy Choo STYLING: Ulrike Thomaseth OUTFIT GROOM: Pal Zileri FLORALS: Florale Werkstatt STATIONERY: Papierhimmel CAKE: Patisserie Acherer   EMPFOHLEN IN UNSEREM SCHATZKISTCHEN: Papierhimmel