Nicole and Dominik – All You Need Is Love

Nicole and Dominik are having a wonderful and exciting time because in a couple of months they’ll give each other the most beautiful promise in the world.

Wedding preparations can be very intense and time-consuming and that’s why it’s so important to share some cozy moments together.

So they took their cute little dog Pepper for a walk onto the impressive Walhalla near Regensburg and enjoyed their dearly familiarness and the unique view along the Danube and the amazing landscape.

Together they spread so much easiness and naturalness and we totally fell in love with Pepper who appeared so adorably playful and coltish.

The three of them are a harmonic team and it’s so much fun to see their happy faces.

The photographers Jana and Thomas from Schwede-Photodesign impress with their feeling for the right moments and it’s such an adventure to dive into their dreamlike world of pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein