Joel and Rachel – New Zealand Love


Today the passionate photographer James Broadbent of Chasewild shares his pictures of a very moving and lovingly planned wedding with us, the wedding of Joel and Rachel from New Zealand.

They are a very nature-loving couple and so it was no surprise they wanted to bring as much nature as possible inside when they decided to get married in winter.

Unbelievable family ties and friends for life like you hardly find them made it possible to celebrate Joel and Rachel´s dream wedding even on a cold winter´s day.

For months they crafted, sewed and prepared everything to gift their beloved bridal couple an unforgettable day. We can only assume how much creativity, time and dedication everyone invested in these preparations.

A common breakfast with friends, getting ready among the bridesmaids and a moving ceremony followed by a wonderful jamboree – this day could not have been more perfect.

Words cannot describe how detailed and amazing the result was. But the bright eyes of Joel and Rachel speak volumes. Chasewild’s pictures paint a thousand words, so lay back and enjoy!

TIPP: James and Cameron of Chasewild are going to spend some months in Europe next summer. What a great opportunity for you to book these two fantastic photographers for your wedding! James and Cameron are looking forward to meeting you!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0001 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0002 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0003 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0004 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0005 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0006 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0007 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0008 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0009 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0010 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0012 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0013 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0014 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0016 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0017 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0018 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0019 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0019a rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0020 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0022 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0023 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0024 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0026 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0027 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0028 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0028a rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0029 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0030 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0031 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0033 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0034 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0035 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0036 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0037 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0038 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0039 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0040 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0041 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0042 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0043 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0044 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0045 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0046 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0047 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0048 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0049 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0050rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0053 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0051 rachael-joel-wedding-new-zealand_0052

PHOTOGRAPHY: James Broadbent von Chasewild PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Kate Wark VIDEOGRAPHER: This Day and Rokshana Grace VENUE: The Woolshed, Matakana Country Park FLORIST: Jo Allen and Ruth Lindfield CAKE: Lauren Davis-Goff STATIONERY: Jasmine May Dodson BRIDE’S GOWN: Sarah Vincent BRIDE’S SHOES: Overland HAIR + MAKE-UP: Sarah Knight JEWELLERY: Gi’ Amour BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Lynne Briscoe BRIDESMAIDS’ MAKE-UP: Phoenix GROOM’s ATTIRE: Country Road CATERER: The Stables Restaurant