Rebekah and Derric – Barefooted Into Love


Enjoying your own wedding without shoes. Being grounded every second. Feeling everything tightly. Rebekah and Derric proofed themselves and the world that it works.

With many vintage elements, pink accessories and a very natural location they let their wedding theme come true: One fine day – is written on the board – and this day has come.

A summery open air ceremony is ringing in their wedding. The wonderful hilly landscape of New Providence is perfectly suited for that. Not far away cows are grazing.

An arrangement of red flowers and green leafage is hanging over the temporary altar. Rustic folding chairs are looking towards the place where trees unfold their beauty to the guests.

On the tables we see golden cutlery, light pink napkins and noble yet plain place cards. Eucalyptus leaves are spread all over, exuding a fresh scent among the guests – it´s the brides favorite plant.

Light chains with little lamps lighten up the starting evening light. Especially the light colors fit charmingly into the natural setting. Love should be free, love has breathe. That´s one thing Rebekah and Derric know for sure. And one fine day their dream of eternal love comes true…

The exceptional artists Michael and Carina impress with their romantic world of pictures and let us be part of this adorable wedding.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael and Carina Photography
WEDDING DRESS: Cocoa Couture
STATIONERY: Wedding Paper Divas
BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: ModCloth und Dorothy Perkins
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Rebecca Abreu
VENUE: Smoker Farm
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab