Rike and Michael – endless love


It was incredibly romantic how he got down on one knee and proposed to her. Time just seemed to stand still…and then, the wedding planning begins. 

The many details and little things that need to be addressed during planning, are almost enough to obscure the view of the big picture.

Because hey, after all, the the wedding day should primarily be about celebrating your love for one another! It is important to take a step back, and remember to not lose sight of what’s really important, and the ultimate goal.

Meeting with the photographer, in a relaxed atmosphere, and discussing plans and ideas, is a welcome distraction. An engagement shoot can capture the intimacy and closeness forever in its photos.

Rike and Michael, are a wonderfully authentic pair, and simply glow with happiness.

In a hip and casually charming Cologne Brew Bar they celebrate with their photographer Katinka Stone, even in the winter temperatures, their anticipation for their big day ,while enjoying a fragrant cup of coffee.

With their dreamy glances, intimate gestures and tender kisses, Rike and Micheal give us insight into their own personal love story.

We love the impressively images of the talented photographer Katinka Stone and the honest and heartwarming romance of the lovely couple.

Translation: Heather Trever