Road-Trip to Cape Town


A day in Cape Town. Following your own dreams, feeling free, vivid and bonded by the heart.

This is a picture story about a road trip to love and how Africa brought two newly engaged hearts even closer by trying to memorize Cape Towns beautiful landscape. Did they succeed?! Oh yes they did, joint by the photographers of Mister & Misses Do.

This is a series of pictures about Larissa and Jens containing their anticipation for their upcoming wedding and Africa´s zest for life. What started on Tinder some time ago finds its romantic peak on this journey. With the sun in their back they´re heading towards future.

Together forever and discovering the world together. At the same time being there for each other and creating their own little world…

Setting mutual goals on this road trip while listening to songs by “Ich & Du” or “Coldplay” when suddenly feelings of freedom and luck become palpable. Even if it´s just for this moment. But that´s not enough. They want more. More life and their own dream wedding.


@ Mister & Misses Do