Sean and Raven – endless love

Sean and Raven live in Seattle and are a loving couple for almost three years now. They decided to get married in Stockholm because Sweden is known as a very modern country when it comes to same-sex love.

It was a premiere for the photographer Erika Gerdemark. Never before she had two men in front of her camera who said “Yes” to each other and she enjoyed this relaxed and easy day with this likable couple very much. We can see and almost feel the comfortable atmosphere at the set.

Love knows no bounds – especially when you see Sean and Raven acting so close and intimate with each other.

The two dared to say “Yes” to each other oficially and we wish them the best of luck and endless love…

Thanks a lot to Erika Gerdemark who impresses us with her sense of esthetics over and over again and puts a smile on our faces by looking at her beautiful portrait pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein