Sheila and Asier – Adventurous Anniversary


Deserted gravel paths, lonely wideness. Nature is barren and dry, except for single water holes in the sand. Where there is water there´s life. And where there is life there´s love.

Love withstands every storm; love lets the sun behind clouds shine bright. Love overcomes all obstacles; love survives every adventure. Whether barefooted or in boots, whether piggyback or off-road through nature.

Just like Sheila and Asier did when they caught up on their after wedding shooting on their second anniversary. Among the fascinating natural preserve Bardenas Reales in North Spain the couple allowed themselves to take some time out to hurl into adventures with photographer Arturo Diluart.

It seemed they were as much in love as on day one and it touches us how palpably Arturo Diluart captured their intimate and loving moments of togetherness among nature´s solitude for us on camera.

Therefor he didn´t need more than the off-road-classic Land Rover Discovery to showcase the couple among the barren landscape perfectly. Now he invites us to become acquainted with a totally unfamiliar side of Spain…

Translation: Marina Jenewein